Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello guys!!!

Yes we're back, and we are back to stay. With all this problems around our lives, we forgot a little bit about our function as Keane bloggers, but you all are in our hearts.

So as a tribute to Keane we decided to continue this journey that is being a fan!!

So stay with us, because news are coming everyday and believe us they are going to make you feel conected to Keane everyday.

So enjoy...

Loving Keane

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New informations:
As we could understand, the singer Annie Lennox (very know with the hit "Sweet Dreams") recorded Keane's song "CLOSER NOW" but with a different name "Patterns Of Life".
She says that this album "I`m very proud of these songs. They are timeless and have become `classics` in their own right."


We're sorry for being so away from here.

But we return with SO MANY news...

Finally Keane released their new single "Spiralling" which you can download it for free directly from their (renovated) official site
The lyric of Spiralling you can find here

After many especulation, after many things the real truth is that Keane are getting better and better, are more adults, and left definetly the "Under The Iron Sea" dark era.

Welcome to the new colourful, positive and Perfect Symmetry ERA!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Q. Tell us about The Barn.

Well, The Barn is a kind of little haven of various musical instruments and people who are related to Keane, or in Keane... its a little place that we've set up. I mean, the whole process of recording is just, y'know... going to a studio, especially if you go abroad, is obscenely expensive - and in some ways is lovely and its nice to go away together on a bit of a jolly, but The Barn is basically a very easy and good place to go to get stuff done quickly and in our own time. And we love it there, we love hanging out there and we've got everything we need - and its sort of a mid-point for all our homes, so we can all sort of convene there whenever we need to get things done. I guess its just a simple easy way of getting us all together and getting our heads together... and also I guess, an easy place for Tim and Richard to store their multitude of ridiculous instruments that they don't need, that they seem to keep buying hehe... and my one microphone, which sits there on its own and feels rather lonely!

vocabulary: "a jolly" in this sense is probably best thought of as going off on a holiday with your mates for a good time.

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Monday, July 07, 2008